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Chani Silicone Face Mask

Chani is made from high quality silicone, and so sweet and sexy looking, with gorgeous soft make-up.

She is hand-made with superior workmanship.

Once you slip her on, she stays in place with the attached elasticated straps at the rear.

Become the persona that you have always dreamed of! Chani will bring your feminine fantasies to life!

She has eye-holes that are approximately 7mm in diameter, for you to see through.

She also has small nostril holes for you to breathe through.

The mouth has a flexible opening big enough to stick 2 or 3 fingers through, opening to approximately 4cm wide and 3cm high.

The silicone mask is approximately 4mm in thickness across the entire mask.

Fits all standard head sizes of 56 to 63cm.

Chani Silicone Face Mask

Chani Silicone Face Mask

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