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Paris French Maid Uniform

Made in soft, shiny leatherette, our Paris French Maid uniform will not only be a joy to wear but also a treat for others to see you wear her!

Paris has a square cut flattering neckline, which follows round at the back of the uniform. Attached to the shoulders is a Leatherette deep frill, which is elasticated, and gives Paris such a unique look. She has a zip at the rear to hold her in place.

Cute puff-ball sleeves, that have a wide cuff, with buttons on the hem of the cuff.

The bodice is figure hugging, but with plenty of stretch in the material it hugs your body perfectly and comfortably.

The skirt is just short enough, to provocatively tease and entice.

To complete the uniform we have included the satin pinny that is double trimmed in lace, with a long satin sash that ties at the rear.

Please note that our Paris leatherette French Maid uniform does not come with a petticoat, but for a totally different look to the uniform we have given you the option to include one with your order.

Paris French Maid Uniform

Paris French Maid Uniform

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